Easy. Powerful. Portable.

If you're running an event or managing a venue,
great news: We made Playbook specifically for you.

Playbook + Playbook Mobile...
A strong team.

Heads up display of all your Events & Venues.

Copy & modify existing Event Action Plans or create new documents with ICS templates and custom
content management tools.

Build Emergency Operations Plans with intuitive drag-and-drop section headers for easy navigation and quicker
access to information.

Distribute the important Maps of your events & venues, with recommendations from our best practices.

Import Contacts and invite key stakeholders to
the events you select.

Stop building binders and try Playbook for free Get Playbook

Put your plan in your pocket.

And theirs.

Whether sitting on a shelf or filed in your desk, it's likely your event or emergency operations plan isn't accessible to your staff when & where they need it, and certainly not available to those first responders assigned to your venue.

The field is where Playbook lives. You'll have venue and scenario specific instruction, accessible on mobile devices to any authorized user.  


If you've ever used a program like Word, using Playbook will be a breeze. In fact, we break down the steps section by section so you know exactly what should go in your event or emergency plan.


Manage your venues, plans, and authorized users within one easy-to-use web app. Changes to the plan are immediately distributed to all authorized devices, so you know everyone is on the same page. 


Users spend 85% of time on their smartphones in apps. Why not deliver your most important plans through the app that is specifically designed for them? 

Get started in 2 easy steps

1. Sign up now to populate your plans online. 

2. Invite staff, volunteers and your first responders to download the Playbook app and start accessing your event & emergency plans today. 

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