With Playbook, adding a safety & security plan to your next meeting doesn't need to be hard or expensive.

Get started in 3 easy steps

We've all been there. A great industry conference with really informative sessions but when it comes to the topic of planning for safety & security, it can be completely overwhelming. So many ideas. Too many acronyms. Where do you start? Let Playbook be your guide!

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1. Add your venues

It's as simple as adding an address for the location you're considering. Populate a convention center, various hotels and entertainment locations. Playbook gives you a clean & simple view of all your venues and their scheduled activities/events.

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2. Add your events

Whether it's a board meeting, keynote sessions, trade expo or late night entertainment options, regardless of the event (and what you call it), Playbook helps you stay organized as you build & communicate your safety & security plan for those events that need one.


3. Select from our safety & security templates

Recommendations and fully customizable best practices from your industry, in bite-sized, drag & drop format to help you build your plan. Includes topics to think about as you interview prospective venues and a super easy way to capture & organize your thoughts.


Once your plan is built, simply...

1. Tweak it as you need for future events

2. Distribute the final plan to all your key stakeholders

3. Use the Playbook platform to communicate changes or announcements through the notification feature.

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In the next 10 minutes,


you could be done building  your initial safety & security plan.

In Playbook, it's that simple!

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Using a safety consultant?

Have them build in Playbook along side you for a standard you can use at your future meetings & events!

Mitigate your risk. Protect your brand. Get yourself a Playbook.