Mitigate Risk. Maximize the Guest Experience.

Crowd planning technology for the security,
marketing, and operations of live events.

One app to distribute your event and emergency plans to staff, volunteers, and first responders. 

Meet Playbook

Introducing: Playbook

No more looking for your binder or digging through email for a PDF. Playbook makes accessing your emergency and event plans faster and easier than ever.

1) Build your plan.

Using our web app, you can quickly and easily build a complete library of event & emergency plans.

2) Distribute to your team.

With just a few taps or clicks, you can invite your volunteers, staff, or assigned event & emergency personnel to download the app. Once downloaded, they'll be able to access your plan securely, both online and off.

3) Edit anytime.

Need to make a change to the plan? Edit your content on the web and notifications & updates will be sent through the app to all authorized users.

Get everyone on the same page with Playbook Meet Playbook

It's your venue. Run your Playbook.

Stadiums & Arenas
We had some suspicious drone activity at the game last night. Is everyone in the loop on the new escalation plan?
Universities & Schools
An active shooter event occurred nearby. Do all
my stakeholders have access to our approved policies and procedures?
Concerts & Theatres
Who are the VIP's attending tonight, where are they scheduled to be and who else needs that information?

Convention Centers
How is our evacuation map different from last week's event and do our security supervisors have an accessible copy? 
Shopping Centers
We're four days out from the hurricane. As plans change, are my store managers, security company and first responders
in sync?
Hotels & Casinos
We've got three major events occurring tonight. Can I share my event-specific contacts and plans easily? 
When minutes matter, don't spend them looking for a binder Meet Playbook