Enhance your consulting practice, provide greater long-term value to your customers and drive recurring revenue through our Playbook Coaching program.

Our Playbook Coach's Kit includes everything you need to get your customers up and running on their own custom Playbook, so you can start earning more revenue. 

The $249 Coach's Kit includes:

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Everything you need to share a simple overview of the Playbook product with your customer. PowerPoint slides and image files, along with a brief competitor comparison (it's brief, because there aren't many)!

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discounts for you & your clients

You and your clients can sign up for Playbook using customized discount codes specific to your organization, allowing us to accurately track and pay referral fees


upgraded playbook account

Simply add your clients' venue and event, load your content or leverage our libraries to jump-start conversations with clients and prospects, PLUS receive unlimited mobile users for your first event. That's big savings!

Are you a referral machine but not interested in implementing Playbook with your clients?

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