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Get those clients a Playbook!

The Playbook Coach's Kit lets you build ONE venue and event for your client with UNLIMITED mobile users (the free trial limits you to 3 mobile users).

As an example, in just minutes, you could

  • add a single outdoor location ("Main Street") as your Venue,
  • create a "Fall Festival", as your Event name 
  • click and drag sample emergency & event plans from our Playbook template selection
  • invite all the key stakeholders you'd like to have the new plan

It's that easy!

To add more venues and events, you can purchase additional event quantities or upgrade any time to one of our convenient Package Plans. For example, perhaps a school wants to add plans for their various games, performances or other buildings on their campus. Our package pricing may be your/their best option. To clarify, you could create a static "typical school day" and use it every day of the school year....and it only counts as a single event!

Consider buying a package plan for yourself and have all of your clients' plans in your pocket!

Package prices shown are list price. As part of the Playbook Coach's Program, you will receive 25% off pricing shown on the packages that you buy when using your discount code. You'll receive that discount code with the purchase confirmation of your Playbook Coach's Kit. 

For your clients who would like to work with you, but want to administer their own Playbook account, simply provide them your Client Discount Code and they will receive 20% off the list price. You will receive a 10% referral fee on all of their Playbook licensing fees!

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