When I first met Bryan Baker...

I had just passed a guard shack at Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park outside Indianapolis, IN as early dusk was settling in. From a distance, I saw a guy on a fully extended ladder, 30 feet up into the trees, drill in one hand, access point in another.

This was my kind of WiFi install, I thought. 

I had seen a lot of creative WiFi engineering during my shopping center days and heard numerous stories from guys who'd climbed into spaces, only realizing afterward they might not be able to crawl out. But I had yet to see a temporary installation that included point-to-point microwave relays canvassing an entire state park. Let's just say that "line of site" can be pretty important for just such a gig and this clearly was NOT Bryan's first rodeo. 

He struck me as one part MacGyver, one part Cisco engineer, but 100% "get it done". I came to find that....(more)