Let's face it: most volunteers have day jobs and getting them trained for a role they'll play for a single afternoon or weekend can be difficult. Perhaps someone showed up who missed the training and needs to know what to do, or you added volunteers the night before the event.

Why not push them everything they need to know,  available on demand, in the format they prefer?

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Eliminate paper. Reduce print costs.

Forget about reprints and deadlines for last minute changes.
Say goodbye to binders & handouts that get lost or left at the event.

Value to them...

 at their fingertips, exactly what they need. 

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Event Action Plan (EAP)

  • Schedule of Events, Run of Show, Incident Command Forms and anything else your team should see to produce your event 
  • Entirely customizable, intuitive "Table of Contents" look and any changes create notifications for your team to review

Emergency Ops Plan (EOP)

  • Organize your crisis planning and provides your team with answers to "What if...?"
  • Easily updated with links, images and videos to leverage various media types & content


  • Provide your team with specific maps of the event, venues affected, the nearest hospital, AED locations and other crucial files they might need to access during the event
  • Offline? No problem. All the Maps are saved to the device, so they're always available


  • Volunteers may have an excel spreadsheet of contact information but they infrequently take the time to put all that information into their phone.
  • With Playbook, they can quickly search for names & event role, and find location, radio info, with the ability to call or text with one touch. No more typing in phone numbers!
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Value to you...

create mobile-friendly content in minutes with Playbook's library of templates

There is no reason to go this alone or reinvent the wheel, but it's sometimes a daunting task to put a plan together, big event or small. You can comb the Internet for best practices, attend industry conferences, and read white papers but to cut to the chase, hit our Playbook content library and in one click, add it to your plan for quick customization and distribution to your team in no time. Recommendations include

  • Indoor & outdoor active shooter
  • Inclement weather
  • Hazmat
  • Incident Command templates to share with your law enforcement partners
  • Scrips for PA announcers
  • Talking points for media

easy options to organize & capture valuable feedback

Receive customized incident reports, hotwash and after-action feedback from your staff, volunteers and other key event participants

Prompt your team with a Playbook notification immediately following the event to capture & organize timely feedback, directly to an inbox or application of your choice.

Link to FORMSTACK to create custom surveys for your various mobile users

Link to SIGN UP GENIUS for users to manage & update their own schedules 

Add a Playbook link to your volunteer registration confirmation to deliver a super-simple download

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Improving the safety & security of your event means having informed and prepared volunteers

Weather emergencies may or may not happen but if you manage an event, you’re guaranteed to lose a child
— Race Director, Running USA Race Camp

Push the picture of a lost child to your entire team and law enforcement in seconds

When minutes matter, you don't need more communication, you need the right communication



Convert every member of your team, including law enforcement, into an Ask Me volunteer!

Run Playbook in Event Command

Reduce radio traffic and communicate proactively & more effectively with your team. 

You're busy. You don't have time to answer your phone or the radio to provide information you've already sent out on email a week ago.


"The future of event management won't be found in a binder."