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Connect your crowds, operations & vendors with WiFi specifically designed for high density traffic


High Speed Reliability

No truer words were spoken when it comes to wireless connectivity: speed kills and size matters. Events and large venues have numerous considerations when designing a "choke-point free" network, particularly when it's a temporary installation. 

+      Creative Marketing Options

Add your sponsors to the landing page, drive special deals to your local restaurants through the Open Table integration,  broadcast Facebook Live or transform our eye-catching WiFi PODS into a signature, sponsor-wrapped asset...think race cars, giant turkeys, footballs or other creative designs!

-      The Headaches

Let's face it: you don't really care about all the little technology details....you just need your laptop, tablets, phones and credit card processing to have a fast WiFi connection. We understand that and it's our job to make sure that part of your day is business-as-usual.

=     More Sponsorship, Satisfied Attendees & Happier You

Let's discuss innovative ways that you can leverage the wireless network to generate new revenue, surprise your guests and make you look like a rock star.






Running Event WiFi Package:

Expo Vendors, Registration & Timing, Start/Finish and After Party

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WiFi Pods offer a truly unique branding opportunity and an affordable option at any event where connectivity is an expectation!


Hot Spot Mobile Wi-Fi Pods can be scaled for any event or venue, large or small, indoors or out. Pods can be outfitted for intimate spaces such as indoor conference halls/meeting rooms or networked to support the largest exhibitions centers.  Pods excel in outdoor venues from small parks and arenas to large-capacity stadiums.

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They are delivered turnkey with engineered upstream connectivity (critical for pushing social media from your event), high capacity serving and switching hardware, and Wi-Fi access point(s).   An enhanced access controller and authentication portal can gather critical attendee demographics from log ins (while respecting privacy) and be delivered to the event host for marketing opportunities and post-event review.  


Complimentary and "Premium" Wi-Fi networks can be created and individually named (or branded) to separate vendors, VIP's, sponsors & operations from the rest of your event crowd.


We dig the engineering challenge


Don't make the mistake of "hoping" for good cellular coverage.